Director’s Statement

Preschool is the foundation of your child’s lifelong learning experience outside of your home. The Henry Frost Children’s Program is committed to providing your child with a world-class early education, and that begins with our teachers. While my Ph.D. in Child Development is critical to the theoretical underpinnings of our school, my years of experience in preschool classrooms, both domestic and international, are equally important. Over the past ten years I have lived in six countries spending time in both urban and rural preschool settings studying teacher approaches, strategies and learning styles. This balance of academic and practical training is the basis for the philosophy of The Henry Frost Children’s Program. Additionally, all of our classroom teachers hold advanced degrees in Child Development and our board is made up of leading experts and practitioners in education and child development.

Complementing the people behind our program are our carefully crafted indoor and outdoor learning environments. We believe that a child’s first school experience should be in a home setting that is warm and inviting. All of our spaces are rich in possibilities and carefully organized to meet all of our young learners’ needs. At The Henry Frost Children’s Program, we do not subscribe to one philosophy of early education; rather, we have folded the best philosophies into one unique setting. With teacher support and guidance, we empower children to make learning choices that suit their needs.

Finally, our program does not exist in isolation. We are constantly reassessing our teaching practices. We do this by actively publishing, researching, presenting at conferences and enriching our teacher training. At The Henry Frost Children’s Program we believe that we are all lifelong learners. For this reason, we are dedicated to giving your child and your family the best early learning experience the world has to offer.

I encourage you to delve into our website to learn about our program and offerings. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Iris Chin Ponte Ph.D.
Director and Classroom Teacher
The Henry Frost Children’s Program